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Episode 2: Josh Buoy and Chris Duncan, Partners at Snowday - Creating Ads, Web Videos, and other Films for The University of Michigan and Ann Arbor businesses

Maggie Cease

May 08 2016

Welcome to the second episode of the Aapricity Podcast. I'm super excited to introduce today's guests. First I want to let you know that the Aapricity Podcast is now available for listening on the iTunes Store and Google Play Music. So, whether you're on an iPhone or Android device, a Mac or a PC, go to your podcast player of choice, search for The Aapricity Podcast, and hit Subscribe. That way, you'll receive new episodes as they're released.

For this this episode, I'm excited to bring you my conversation with Josh Buoy and Chris Duncan, partners and filmmakers at Snowday, a creative video agency based in Ann Arbor. As filmmakers, they've partnered with organizations like The University of Michigan, as well as businesses like FarmLogs, Cribspot, and Sisu Mouthguards to produce ads, web videos, and other films. You can see their work, including the pieces we talk about in this interview, by going to and

In this interview, Josh and Chris share how they got started in film as students at The University of Michigan, what motivated them to reunite and continue making films after graduating, the creative processes behind several of their most well-known films, and a few things they've learned about entrepreneurship along the way.

Without further ado, please enjoy my conversation with Josh and Chris!