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Episode 7: Zohreh Abani, Founder of The Pars Center, A Persian Language and Culture School

Maggie Cease

Jul 24 2016

Zohreh moved to Michigan from Iran at the age of eighteen, and since then, has gone on to found the Pars Center, a Persian language and culture school dedicated to teaching the history, literature, and culture, of Iran and has been running it for over 25 years in Ann Arbor. In this interview, we talk about challenges she faced when she first came to the US, what motivated her to found the Pars Center and to continue running it over all these years, other events she hosts, and we even get to hear a favorite poem of hers by 20th century Iranian poet Ahmad Shamloo, which she reads in both Farsi, the official language of Iran, and English.

You can find more information about the Pars Center and other work she does on, as well as the names of the authors and poets she mentioned.